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  • Author: Amélie Geeraert

Meiwaku: The Threat to Japanese Harmony

Last month, a Japanese website raised criticism: its principle was that users could submit meiwaku noise information about their neighborhood. Most of the time, users complained about the sounds of children playing, and the word “meiwaku” was heavily used in the comments. “Meiwaku” can be translated in several ways: trouble, annoyance, annoying. In Japanese, spam…

Together, These People Have Renovated an Entire Japanese Village

Akira Yamaguchi is one of the founding members of TEAM Clapton. This construction group does design, renovation, and builds event spaces. Their specialization: their construction sites are open to everybody who wants to help, beginners included. Last year, TEAM Clapton was involved in renovating a small traditional village, transforming it into a small lodging complex…