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Dating in Japan: Challenges and Advice for Finding Love in the Land of the Rising Sun

An endless parade of books, advice columns, blogs, and apps are constant reminders that the search for a significant other is rarely easy. Looking for love in a foreign country adds an extra layer of complexity comprised of language barriers, unfamiliar customs, and countless cultural differences. The COVID-19 pandemic, and the isolation that came with…

Our Most Memorable Mistakes in Japan and What You Can Learn from Them

We’ve all made mistakes, whether they be related to culture, business, or relationships, during our time abroad. In this edition of Kokoro Media Unfiltered, the editorial team got together for a free-flowing chat about the most memorable mistakes we’ve made related to life in Japan. We hope our stories of social, professional, and cultural adjustment…

The Merits of Plain Japanese

In 1995 the Great Hanshin Earthquake devastated the city of Kobe and its surroundings. Over 6,400 people tragically lost their lives during the disaster. According to Kyodo News, the Urban Disaster Research Institute in Tokyo revealed that one out of every 100 Japanese residents in the region suffered injuries. That ratio was nearly double for…