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Join the Second Edition of Kokoro Conversations!

Dear reader,

Why don’t you join us for the second edition of Kokoro Conversations?

Kokoro Conversations are events in which you can get your voice heard and join fellow Kokoro Media readers for open-hearted conversations about the joys and the challenges of life in Japan. There, you can meet new people to exchange thoughts, compare your experiences, ask for advice, and find support.

You can participate regardless of your current location or situation, provided you are interested in Japanese culture, life, and travel. However, you should be able to speak English at a conversational level.

Event Details

Date: July 21st (Thursday) from 19:00 to 20:30 (JST).

Theme: “How to Make Friends in Japan”

It’s not easy to make new friends as an adult, and it is even harder when you need to make friends after moving to another country. What are the best ways to make new friends and have your own support group in Japan? Let’s share our best tips with potential new pals.

Reservation and Event Rules

To secure a spot for the event please fill out the reservation form. Reservations will be open until July 20th at midnight. An email with the event details will be sent on the morning of July 21st.

Before you make a reservation, make sure to read the rules below.

1. Be courteous

This event is a place for experience sharing and healthy debates. Please treat everyone respectfully.

2. No Harassment or Hate Speech

We want everyone to feel safe and will not tolerate hate speech, harassment, or any degrading comments about things like race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, gender or identity, etc.

3. Avoid self-promotion during the main discussion

A networking time will be provided at the end of the event during which you can further introduce your personal projects if you wish. Although mentioning your personal experience is encouraged during the main talk, make sure the conversation does not turn into self-promotion.

4. Agreement with the rules

Participation in the event signifies you have read and agreed to the rules above. Our team of moderators will warn, and, if necessary, ban any member breaking the rules.

Illustrations by Pikisuperstar

Born in France, I've been living in Japan since 2011. I'm curious about everything, and living in Japan has allowed me to expand my vision of the world through a broad range of new activities, experiences, and encounters. As a writer, what I love most is listening to people's personal stories and share them with our readers.