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  • Author: Amélie Geeraert

Why Do the Japanese Fold Toilet Paper?

Japanese washrooms have been attracting attention worldwide for some time. Common topics include the famous high-tech toilets with heated seats, and the cleanliness and abundance of public washrooms in the country. However, this time I’d like to talk about toilet paper. It’s not that Japanese toilet paper is exceptional compared to other countries’, even if…

Are Tokyo’s Streets Really Clean?

Tokyo’s street cleanliness is a natural object of admiration among foreign visitors. “Japanese people don’t litter” has become one of the most famous misconceptions about Japan, along with “Japanese trains are always on time.” Tokyo is indeed cleaner than most big cities anywhere else in the world, and Japanese people tend to be extra careful…

Discover Kokoro

Dear reader, Welcome to our new website, Kokoro Media, that has just opened on July 15! Kokoro is a Japanese word that is often translated in English as “heart” or “spirit.” However, for the Japanese, the concept of kokoro encompasses what a person thinks, feels, and would like to express. A person’s kokoro cannot be seen…

Kota Nagami and doq: Building a Cultural Marketing Bridge Between Japan and Australia

Kota Nagami is a Japanese national currently living in Sydney, Australia. He made the decision to move there to find the right balance between work and nature, as well as to have a direct experience with the global business. He now works at doq, a cross-cultural marketing agency founded in Australia by Japanese entrepreneur Yoshinori Sakuno….

Mr. Komatsu and the Samurai Tabi Project: Traditional Japanese Footwear from Gyoda City to the World

Mr. Komatsu was not destined to work in the traditional clothing business. However, when his father-in-law needed his help to open an online shop, Mr. Komatsu discovered the world of tabi, the traditional Japanese footwear. In the following interview, he tells us about reaching a foreign audience and his projects to give more life to…