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  • Author: Anthony Griffin

Tim Sullivan: Cross-Cultural Education and Retirement in Japan

Tim Sullivan, Japan-based cross-cultural educator, storyteller, and prominent expat voice on LinkedIn, has never been shy about openly sharing the joys of (semi-)retirement. Tim’s life is framed by Japan, from his formative youth to his golden years, enriched by cross-cultural business consulting experiences in North America and Hawaii in between. After getting to know Tim…

ZenPlus: Delivering Authentic Products from Japanese Stores to Your Front Door

Japan is facing a paradox of commerce. On the one hand, from mochi to manga, there’s more international demand for Japanese products than ever before. On the other hand, many of the shops and businesses that produce and distribute beloved Japanese goods are facing an existential threat. Japan’s rapidly declining population means an ever-shrinking customer…

Reading in Japanese: How to Boost Motivation and Increase Literacy

As much as I emphasize the importance of using flash cards to learn Japanese, by the time you achieve an intermediate level of literacy you’ll want to start reading native material. Transitioning from textbook reading exercises to the same books, magazines, and manga that native Japanese people read is intimidating. Selecting reading material that’s too…