A Happier Life with Greens

As explained in this article, Kokoro Media has created a remote farming project which involves you readers. Here is what we are going to grow on the farm, and some answers to the comments you left us.

Voting Results

In our previous article, we asked you to vote for your favorite vegetables to grow on the Kokoro Media land parcel, and here are the results:

  • Satoimo (Japanese taro)
  • Edamame 
  • Shiso

Three very different plants that will surely be very fun to watch growing! Do you know why Japanese taro is considered a lucky item in Japanese culture? Watch the video below to find out!

This Month’s Message from Masamichi

When collecting our readers’ votes, we received many encouraging comments, for which we would like to thank you very much! We also got the following message:

“Shishito peppers are great. I actually grow quite a few Japanese veggies in pots here in Washington State. I get my seeds from Baker’s Rare Seeds here in the States. My dream is to live in Japan and have a rooftop veggie garden.”

Here is Masamichi Higa’s, the organic farmer who is tending our parcel, reply to this comment:

“Thank you so much for your message. What vegetables do you grow? What are your favorite Japanese vegetables? I do not know much about American vegetables, but I do like zucchini and green beans and I grow them.” 

“I hope your dream of living in Japan and growing vegetables on a rooftop will come true. It is a very convenient way to grow things where there is not much space. Your story makes me want to someday be able to give advice and encourage people to grow many things on rooftops. I will make sure to have more experience on the subject by the time you come to Japan! Good luck!”

News from Higa Farm

Here is what is happening on the neighboring parcels. Do you know about companion plants? Watch the video for some fun facts about growing tomatoes and basil organically!

How about Spending Time with Plants?

Masamichi has another message for our readers:

“I went on a trip to Canada some years ago, and there were flowers growing everywhere. The streets were colorful, and it brightened my mood. Since then, I have always wanted to grow flowers or vegetables. I remembered this experience of mine, and it gave me an idea for a new project we could do together.

What do you think of trying to grow a plant in places where you spend more than seven hours a week? It could be your home, of course, or your office if you are not remotely working. 

I spend my days among plants, and that makes me very happy and energetic. I think you will notice a little change in your mood by adding just a little green into your everyday life. Who’s in?”

What a charming idea! I’m in for sure. If you would like to participate as well, do not hesitate to tell us in the comments and send us pictures through our social media. We promise we will show them all to Masamichi.

Click here to see our parcel evolve month after month!

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