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The Japanese Shugendo Religion, Explained

Taichi Tani is a monk in a village in Kochi Prefecture on Shikoku Island.  Although Shikoku is famous for its pilgrimage and numerous Shingon Buddhism temples, Mr. Tani’s temple is outside the pilgrimage route and from another tradition: Shugendo. Shugendo is a Japanese religion mixing Buddhism, Shinto, and Taoism. Ascetic training in the mountains is a central…

Zen and the Art of Eating: Developing a Greater Appreciation for Food through Mindfulness

Disclaimer: This article was produced in cooperation with byFood and contains affiliate links. Kokoro Media may earn a commission from purchases made via the byFood links featured throughout this article. I’m notorious for my perception of food and eating. In my youth, meals were often something that pulled me away from whatever activity or creative…