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The Merits of Plain Japanese

In 1995 the Great Hanshin Earthquake devastated the city of Kobe and its surroundings. Over 6,400 people tragically lost their lives during the disaster. According to Kyodo News, the Urban Disaster Research Institute in Tokyo revealed that one out of every 100 Japanese residents in the region suffered injuries. That ratio was nearly double for…

How to Learn Japanese the SMART Way

When learning Japanese, motivation and excitement is highest when you’re a beginner. It’s easy to chart your progress, and your world noticeably expands with every word, grammar point, and kanji character learned. You beam with pride as you start traveling to Japan, using key phrases and sentence structures to order meals, greet the locals, and…

My Japanese Learning Goals for 2021

I often write about the latest technology, applications, and software for learning Japanese. However, as many in my network are quick to point out, we shouldn’t let rote digital flashcard use overshadow practical learning methods. Eventually, we have to take your Japanese out into the real world by reading books, giving presentations, writing emails, and…