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A Roadmap for Learning Japanese: How to Optimize Classes, Textbooks, and Flash Cards to Achieve Fluency

A few weeks ago, I was listening to a podcast about learning Japanese, and the host divided learners into two camps: those who use textbooks and those who don’t. I immediately thought, “Wait a second, what’s wrong with something in the middle—occasional textbook use?” The thought lingered with me long after the podcast was over,…

A Family of Fingers! How to Name Each Finger of the Hand in Japanese

The Fingers’ Names in Japanese Originate from Size or Usage In Japan, fingers’ names are called the following: #1 The thumb is oyayubi (親指), the “parent finger”.#2 The index finger is hitosashiyubi (人差し指), the “pointing finger”.#3 The middle finger has the same meaning as in English, and is called nakayubi (中指).#4 The ring finger is called,…