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  • Author: Anthony Griffin

JR East Japan Station Work: Your Office on the Go

Although Japan’s population continues to decline, the same cannot be said about Tokyo. Despite the government’s best efforts, the nation’s economy is increasingly centralized in its sprawling capital city. This situation is palpable in Tokyo’s packed trains and cafes where an increasingly mobile workforce scrambles to find quiet spaces for Wi-Fi- and caffeine-fueled bouts of…

Shimanami Kaido: A Foolproof Guide to Enjoying Japan’s Cycling Sanctuary

Seventy kilometers, six scenic islands, six massive bridges, and two prefectures—all woven together by a single blue line. This is the Shimanami Kaido: Japan’s premier long-distance cycling route. There are countless articles and videos that cover this internationally popular tourist destination. It’s convenient to have so many resources, but when I was planning my own…

How to Express Your Individuality and Maintain Harmony in a Japanese Company

Foreign professionals in Japan often struggle to communicate new, diverse ideas and opinions to Japanese colleagues in a corporate world that prioritizes harmony and consensus. Modern Japanese companies that operate globally recognize the importance of employing a diverse workforce. However, according to a survey featured in the Nikkei Asian Review, few companies have been able…