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Norio Tera: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Japan’s Media and Entertainment Industry

Following the news is critical for getting a pulse on what’s really happening in Japan—the events and trends that are shaping Japanese culture in real time. Additionally, Japanese entertainment such as television shows, video games, and comics refract culture as a prism does light, enabling people all over the world to analyze and reflect its…

Aguyoshi In Milano

In November 2021, I interviewed Aguyoshi, a dance duo formed by contemporary dancers Aisa Shirai and KEKE. They usually explore the streets of Japan and their shapes through funny improvised dances that keep getting more and more attention online. As proof of their growing popularity overseas, the duo was invited to perform at the Triennale…

Cynthia Usui: Taking the Road Less Traveled through Japan’s Hospitality Industry

Despite government attempts to increase labor mobility and gender equality, Japan’s labor market remains notoriously rigid. The lifetime employment system is still common and coveted. Obtaining the lauded status of seishain (permanent/regular employee) at an established organization means following a well-trodden path with little room for detours. Deviate from the status quo, for whatever reason,…