Tending Vegetables in the Japanese Heat

Here is the new episode of the Kokoro Media remote farming project which involves you, readers! (You can find our previous episodes here.)

Last month, Japanese organic farmer Masamichi showed us how fast plants had grown and the consequences of the rainy season. Now that the rainy season is over, how do you tend the vegetables in the terrible Japanese summer heat?

Masamichi explains it in the following video!

The Growth of Kokoro Media’s Vegetables

News from the Farm

On the neighboring parcels, many vegetables have become ready for a first harvest and Masamichi was able to harvest delicious tomatoes, round eggplants, cucumbers, and more!

草, テーブル, 食品 が含まれている画像

Shiny tomato
屋外, 草, 工場, 持つ が含まれている画像

Round eggplant

Stay tuned for more news from our farm!

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