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Together, These People Have Renovated an Entire Japanese Village

Akira Yamaguchi is one of the founding members of TEAM Clapton. This construction group does design, renovation, and builds event spaces. Their specialization: their construction sites are open to everybody who wants to help, beginners included. Last year, TEAM Clapton was involved in renovating a small traditional village, transforming it into a small lodging complex…

The Top 3 Travel Destinations I’d like to Revisit in a Post-COVID-19 Japan

I was never much of a traveler until I started visiting Japan. Traveling in Japan magically combines adventure, safety, and convenience, with natural beauty and exciting experiences dotted throughout the country. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, COVID-19 has halted carefree travel throughout the country. For now, I’ll have to settle for reminiscing about…

How Science Helps in Revitalizing Japan’s Fishing Industry

Takashi Suzuki is an assistant professor at Kagoshima University and a former project researcher at the University of Tokyo. Now a specialist in marine life and fisheries, he was a student on the Iwate Prefecture campus of Kitasato University student when the 2011 Great East Japan earthquake happened. Since then, he has been devoting his studies and activities to…