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Driving in Japan: Thoughts and Tips

Japan is famous for its comprehensive, efficient, and punctual (for the most part) public transportation system. However, when it comes to reaching more remote areas or experiencing some of the country’s unrivaled scenic locales, you’re going to need a car. Before you get behind the wheel, check out our roundtable discussion for three unique international…

Top 5 Sustainable Hotels and Lodgings Throughout Japan

The concept of sustainability is having a remarkable renaissance in Japan. Visitors and locals alike are increasingly interested in ecotourism, agrotourism, and promoting traditional Japanese culture. Here are five recommendations for sustainable stays beyond Tokyo and other major urban areas with uniquely Japanese twists. Enjoy yourself and also help the community by lodging here! Stay…

The Importance of Good Soil

Here is the end-of-the-year report from the Kokoro Media field. Last time, Masamichi, the organic farmer, showed us how to select the most vigorous plants just by looking at the buds. This time, he shows us how the plants have grown, and tells us about the importance of making good soil for organic farming. More…