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  • Author: Anthony Griffin

Michele Fujii: How to Learn Japanese Literature, Language, and History

Literature, language, and history are intertwined. Studying one without exploring the others is like sailing without a rudder. The longer I live in Japan and study Japanese, the greater my curiosity about Japanese history and literature has grown. However, making the transition from textbook learning to native-level literature is intimidating. With greater access than ever…

Driving in Japan: Thoughts and Tips

Japan is famous for its comprehensive, efficient, and punctual (for the most part) public transportation system. However, when it comes to reaching more remote areas or experiencing some of the country’s unrivaled scenic locales, you’re going to need a car. Before you get behind the wheel, check out our roundtable discussion for three unique international…

Beginner Japanese Tip: Overcoming the Ambiguity of “Daijobu”

One of the more challenging aspects of learning Japanese is dealing with words that have multiple—often opposite—meanings. For beginners, one prominent example of this phenomenon is the word daijobu. Essentially, this word represents the concept of being “OK” or “all right.” For example, if you trip and fall in public, a passerby may ask, “daijobu…