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The Problem With Joshiryoku

I am looking at women’s magazines at the convenience store. On the cover of one of them, I can read, “Improve your joshiryoku!” I am in a long meeting. One of my colleagues has prepared snacks and drinks for everybody. Someone says, “Your joshiryoku is so high!” I am on the train. An advertisement advises visiting…

How to Express Your Individuality and Maintain Harmony in a Japanese Company

Foreign professionals in Japan often struggle to communicate new, diverse ideas and opinions to Japanese colleagues in a corporate world that prioritizes harmony and consensus. Modern Japanese companies that operate globally recognize the importance of employing a diverse workforce. However, according to a survey featured in the Nikkei Asian Review, few companies have been able…

4 Professional Communities that Will Help You Grow Your Network in Japan

With the Covid-19 pandemic shutting down large professional networking gatherings and preventing free-flowing travel between Japan and the rest of the world, many international job seekers and aspiring entrepreneurs are wondering how they can make the essential connections necessary to achieving their professional goals. Fortunately, Japan’s professional networking scene is sustaining itself through a variety…