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Meiwaku: The Threat to Japanese Harmony

Last month, a Japanese website raised criticism: its principle was that users could submit meiwaku noise information about their neighborhood. Most of the time, users complained about the sounds of children playing, and the word “meiwaku” was heavily used in the comments. “Meiwaku” can be translated in several ways: trouble, annoyance, annoying. In Japanese, spam…

My Japanese Learning Goals for 2021

I often write about the latest technology, applications, and software for learning Japanese. However, as many in my network are quick to point out, we shouldn’t let rote digital flashcard use overshadow practical learning methods. Eventually, we have to take your Japanese out into the real world by reading books, giving presentations, writing emails, and…

The Top 3 Travel Destinations I’d like to Revisit in a Post-COVID-19 Japan

I was never much of a traveler until I started visiting Japan. Traveling in Japan magically combines adventure, safety, and convenience, with natural beauty and exciting experiences dotted throughout the country. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, COVID-19 has halted carefree travel throughout the country. For now, I’ll have to settle for reminiscing about…