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Michele Fujii: How to Learn Japanese Literature, Language, and History

Literature, language, and history are intertwined. Studying one without exploring the others is like sailing without a rudder. The longer I live in Japan and study Japanese, the greater my curiosity about Japanese history and literature has grown. However, making the transition from textbook learning to native-level literature is intimidating. With greater access than ever…

Top 5 Sustainable Hotels and Lodgings Throughout Japan

The concept of sustainability is having a remarkable renaissance in Japan. Visitors and locals alike are increasingly interested in ecotourism, agrotourism, and promoting traditional Japanese culture. Here are five recommendations for sustainable stays beyond Tokyo and other major urban areas with uniquely Japanese twists. Enjoy yourself and also help the community by lodging here! Stay…

Tea Varieties From Japan

In Japan, 99.9 percent of the tea produced is green. All the famous Japanese teas, such as sencha, gyokuro, and hōjicha, are green teas. So what is the difference between all the tea varieties from Japan? This article was kindly provided to Kokoro Media by our partner the German-Japanese Association in Munich (Deutsch-Japanische Gesellschaft (DJG) München), and was…