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Meiwaku: The Threat to Japanese Harmony

Last month, a Japanese website raised criticism: its principle was that users could submit meiwaku noise information of their neighborhood. Most of the time, users complained about the sounds of children playing, and the word “meiwaku” was heavily used in the comments. “Meiwaku” can be translated in several ways: trouble, annoyance, annoying. In Japanese, spam…

The Merits of Plain Japanese

In 1995 the Great Hanshin Earthquake devastated the city of Kobe and its surroundings. Over 6,400 people tragically lost their lives during the disaster. According to Kyodo News, the Urban Disaster Research Institute in Tokyo revealed that one out of every 100 Japanese residents in the region suffered injuries. That ratio was nearly double for…

The Challenges and Rewards of Japan’s Food and Beverage Industry: An Interview with GourmetPro’s Ugo Bataillard

Ugo Bataillard is committed to helping foreign brands discover the rewards of entering the Japanese food and beverage market. As CEO and co-founder of GourmetPro, he partnered with COO Vincent Nicol to form an exclusive network of local consultants to support international brands of all sizes. In this interview, Ugo and I discuss his entrepreneurial…